“My life assignment extends beyond health;
it’s about fostering wellness as a foundation for a life richly lived, full of potential and radiant with joy.”

Dr. Releford

Esteemed Doctor, serial entrepreneur, author, and advocate.

Introducing Dr. Releford, not just a physician but a visionary, an entrepreneur, a storyteller, and a steadfast advocate for total wellness.Leading the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute, he draws upon an illustrious 30-year journey, specializing in saving limbs and transforming lives. But his vision transcends far beyond. Dr. Releford sees a future where wellness is not a privilege but a right, accessible to everyone, everywhere. His path is paved with perseverance, turning personal trials into a global mission to heal and uplift. Dr. Releford doesn't just treat; he touches lives—melding medicine, advocacy, and education to inspire a movement toward holistic health. He believes in healing that nurtures not only the body but also the mind and spirit. Dr. Releford's path is fueled by an intense passion and a life assignment to change the world.

Ventures for Wellness, Harmony, and Happiness

Wellness embodies the harmony of mind, body, and spirit—a trinity that guides every endeavor he pursues. Every project is a deliberate step towards fulfilling his life's assignment: to uplift, inspire, and advocate for those in greatest need, empowering all to embrace their fullest, healthiest, and most authentic lives. This path is more than a mere pursuit—it's a deep-seated pledge to enhance lives, sow seeds of hope and healing, and leave an indelible mark of improvement on the world


Casa Locé

An exquisite 14-acre vineyard estate renowned for its wine making excellence. Here, every grape is carefully selected and nurtured to express its unique character, then aged in hand-crafted French Oak barrels sourced from historical forests.

Bloom Ranch

Bloom Ranch, the largest Black-owned ranch in LA County combines a legacy of rich orchards with a commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices. As a sanctuary of mindful conservation, Bloom Ranch preserves the harmony and abundance of nature for future generations.


5 Colors a Day to Better Health

This groundbreaking program is a holistic wellness plan and book, promoting a diet rich in colorful foods, where each color targets specific health benefits. This inclusive program addresses various health issues through nutrition, promoting holistic wellness.

Releford Foot and Ankle Institute

Dedicated to preventing unnecessary lower extremity amputations in vulnerable communities, the Releford Institute empowers at-risk individuals with essential care. Using advanced technology to educate, screen, and treat, to minimize the devastating effects of premature amputations.

The Wound Pros

As the leading wound management company in the nation, The Wound Pros specialize in treating non-healing wounds in long-term care facilities. As a comprehensive provider, the company offers advanced wound care services and dressings, ensuring patients have the highest chance of healing.


Black Thoughts Matter

This powerful thought leadership platform underscores how our thoughts shape our lives. It offers daily reflections and affirmations to build resilience and drive success, highlighting the crucial role of positive mental attitudes in enhancing overall health and well-being.


Black Farmers Campaign

This initiative is pivotal in advancing a balanced and just food system by directly supporting Black farmers. Through Bloom Ranch and the Bloom's Bounty Grocery Box, the campaign not only promotes economic uplift but also enhances community wellness, establishing a stable and equitable economic environment for Black farmers.

Black Barbershop Outreach

A nationally recognized program that has successfully screened over 30,000 African American men for diabetes and high blood pressure. It now utilizes AI-enhanced telemedicine to extend these essential services to underserved Black communities, addressing critical health disparities globally.

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